About Us

Department director

Dr Dejan Beuković, assistant professor

The Department of Animal Husbandry represents a leading institution in Vojvodina and a respectable institution in the territory of the entire Republic of Serbia with activities focused on educational, scientific research and professional work in animal husbandry.

The Animal Husbandry Department educates students on basic academic studies in the Animal Production study program. Further training of students is possible at master's and doctoral studies.

We cooperate with the most important scientific and research institutions and business organizations in the environment and the world through research and development projects.

In addition to the scientific one, significant professional cooperation is also achieved with leading companies engaged in livestock production, as well as with individual producers through education and the organization of courses and professional lectures.

History of the Department of Animal Science

The Department of Animal Science at the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad was founded on 21 October 1950 under the name of the Provincial Institute of Animal Science. During 1954, the Provincial Agricultural farm "Kamendin" was added to it, which became an integral part of it. A number of changes in the organizational structure occurred thereafter and the Department of Animal Science assumed its present form in May 2002.