"Dr. Pavlović" foundation

About the foundation

Department of Animal Science and the Council of the Faculty of Agriculture of Novi Sad decided on 29.06.2006 to establish the Fund "Prof. dr Milivoj Pavlović ". The wish of Ms. Olga Ženar Pavlović was, that after her death, her late husband’s significant money fund became a legacy of  the Department of Animal Science, which will be for rewarding the best students of Animal Science Department in the Faculty of Agriculture of Novi Sad.

First prizes for students of the Animal science were awarded on 21.11.2011 on the day of the Faculty of Agriculture of Novi Sad.

About Prof. Dr. Milivoje Pavlović

He was born on December 1st 1899 in Bela Crkva, where he finished high school. He  graduated at the Faculty of Agriculture in Leipzig in 1924. He received his Ph.D. in Sarajevo in 1960 with the thesis "An Appendix to Testing the Workability of a Horse".

In his fruitful professional career, he worked on the state property "Belje", in the Ministry of Agriculture, the School of Agriculture in Vršac and the Breeding Station. He participated in the National Liberation Movement during the Second World War.

After the war, he was employed at Hajdučica farm in Banat, and then, in the Administration of Provincial Agricultural Property in Novi Sad and later at the Animal Husbandry Institute. When the Institute of Animal Husbandry was established, he became a director of this scientific institution, which he led for 12 years. As the Director of the Institute, great expert and a good practitioner, he significantly contributed to the development of animal breeding, the introduction of new technologies, the raising and improvement of staffing and student practices. For the experimental farm of “Kamendin” Institute, as well as other estates in Vojvodina, he has achieved achievements from the world. “Kamendin” was a model for all cattle breeding experts and an example of modern land management.

He was elected as associate professor at the Faculty of Agriculture in 1960, and for the regular professor in 1965.  He wrote a Cattle breeding script for Animal science students. He retired in 1973 and died on 29th February  1988 in Novi Sad.

Professor Pavlović left his library to the Institute of Animal Science of the Faculty of Agriculture, and with the testament of his wife, Ms. Olga Ženar Pavlović, the Institute received significant money fund and the best students of Animal science  in the Faculty of Agriculture of Novi Sad were rewarded by this fund.