Head of Chair of Animal Science 

Ivan Pihler PhD,  full professor, 


The Department is the holder of education  and its teaching activities are carried out through the operation of the Department of Animal Science 

Dynamic changes that characterize livestock production imply the need to continually innovate teaching plan and program in the animal science section and to continually improve teachers and associates in order to educate experts who can meet all the requirements of modern technology and practice. Today, The Department of Animal Science organize lessons for basic academic studies, graduate academic - master and PhD-studies.

The title of Agricultural engineer - direction of Animal Science has gained over 1151 students 

The title of Master in Science degree has gained 157, Master's degree 92  and 108 PhD degrees 

Basic academic studies

The Basic academic studies last for four years and during this period, students listen to compulsory and elective teaching subjects, which aim to teach them the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to become  Agricultural engineer the direction of Animal Science.

Master academic  studies 

In the framework of educational activities, we have accredited Master academic  studies. MA studies last for a year and the aim of these studies is to educate future experts who will engage in expert research work. At the end of these studies, it is forseen the final master work which represents independent professional research work of the student. The intent of the Department is that students of these studies actively participate in technological and scientific projects financed by the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Serbia and the Provincial Secretariat for Science and Technological Development of  Vojvodina.

Doctorial academic studies (PhD studies)

  Doctorial academic studies last for three years. The aim of these studies is to include graduate students with the title of masters who have affinity for scientific research work in research projects and train for independent scientific work. The result of these studies is the doctoral thesis, which must be an original scientific-research work and the title of Doctor of Science as the highest level of scientific training.